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HCR Ltd, part of the HCR Group, is one of the UK's largest and most successful independent relocation and property-related service companies. We are a unique hybrid of a Relocation Management Company, UK Property Solutions Provider and UK Destination Service Provider.

Solid Reputation

We have an enviable reputation for providing exceptional relocation services across 149 countries. Our extensive experience to a wide range of clients delivers short-term and long-term assignments, rental and property services, permanent moves, repatriation, localisation, commuter and virtual assignments, group moves and company relocations.


Clients include UK and overseas governments, foreign embassies, and leading names from different business sectors including automotive, insurance, pharmaceutical, retail, oil and gas, aerospace, telecommunication, health sector, professional services and the finance industry.

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Just a note to congratulate you on the excellent service I have received during my relocation. As I am sure you will appreciate this was a very stressful time for me, made a bit more complicated by an onward sale to my sister. …Emma was fantastic…professional and personable, creating an environment where I had great confidence in the process and your company. CM, Assignee Scottish Government.
Once again, please accept our thanks for dealing with this so efficiently and taking the stress out of the process. It’s been a pleasure to deal with you. I have to admit that, until I first spoke to you, I had been sceptical about the sort of services your company offers, but I am delighted to have been proved wrong! You have done everything that your website claims you do! KS, Assignee Retail
Coming into the process I didn’t have high expectations and not because I had any negativity about HCR but because I wasn’t in need of many services and I didn’t expect the team could help us much. You were amazing and the team were great from start to finish. You realistically assessed our needs, did a great job with the shipping arrangements and found us the perfect home. Thank you. MK, Assignee Lancaster University

HCR Leadership

We provide complete, end-to-end, relocation support.

Rob Dolbear BSc ACAa a

Rob Dolbear, BSc ACA


Rob has overall responsibility for HCR strategy and Finance. He has been keen to see the Group diversify around its core strengths of ‘property and people’.

Adrian Leacha

Adrian Leach, MA GMS


Adrian is the Owner and Managing Director of the HCR Group following an MBO in June 2016. He joined HCR Group in February 2007